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Ok the Family, questions now that the trailer is out, how much looked like new stuff not in the book that Luc added? I assume badass Belle with the hitmen coming after her was added? What is Warren doing in the book with the bad guys? Anything you can come up with after watching the trailer?

Well I must say I’ve read the book almost a year ago so even though I remember the big storyline, I don’t remember even single detail. I actually wanted to re read it a few weeks ago. Was outside, enjoying the sun and I started the first chapter… wanted to keep going but then it was raining all day and I like to read outside. :P So I didn’t continue my reread & I might have forgotten some stuff. But, from what I remember…

The beginning of the trailer is really like the book. Well not the first scenes with Fred in NYC but when it starts in France. The big difference is that in the book, Fred is a writer (like he wants to write his memoirs about his life, his time in the mafia) and it’s an important element, while there’s absolutely no mention of this in the trailer or even in the synopsis of the movie. But other than that yeah, Belle and her racquet (racket?) is supposed to happen at night but in the trailer it’s during the day but… not a big difference, Warren at school (in the book he gets bullied but reacted like he does in the trailer to “run the school”), Maggie in the supermarker… I don’t know if it’s just the trailer but in the book when she hears them talking it’s not just “Stupid American”, they actually critic the Americans in a very bad way and Maggie really feels hurt.

What I like the most is the “How was your day?” “Fine” because that’s exactly what’s in the book, haha. It’s hilarious, it’s right after Belle comes home after hitting the boys, she helps her mom & Warren and Fred comes into the kitchen asking this.

And well after it’s a little bit different of course. The ‘action scene’.
- Warren uses guns in the book while he doesn’t in the trailer but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t in the movie of course.
- Maggie is in the action scene in the book, we don’t see it in the trailer but I’m pretty sure it was shot because I remember that the day of La Cité du Cinéma inauguration, I think Luc Besson said that Pfeiffer had shot action scenes all day.
- And Belle well that’s the major difference in the trailer because she doesn’t do anything of this in the book. Like you see her hitting two persons & with her guns and I’m pretty sure it’s not the case in the book. She runs from the mafia guys, yes. But that’s all I think. From what I remember.

I think that’s pretty much it… I should read the book again, it could help. :P Also we only see a few seconds of each scene in the trailer, while in the movie it might be longer. For example I could say that Belle is supposed to hit two guys with her racquet, while in the trailer she only hit one but I don’t know the whole scene you know? Maybe it’s just the cutting for the trailer… I guess I’ll be able to compare book/movie once I’ve watched the movie. :)

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Do you love Monchele / Finchel (if not why?) ?

Finchel : No. Why ? Here & Here

As for Monchele they’re real so it’s not like you can say you love or don’t love them. I honestly don’t care about them.
I don’t like how they sell their relationships with no shame in doing it, I don’t like how it looks like Lea is completely dependent on Cory and is his little dog, I don’t like how it makes them both look dumb because you feel like apart from each other and a few friends, they have no one else anymore. I don’t like how Lea isn’t close to the cast anymore (except Chris maybe) since she started dating him. I don’t like most of their fans because they’re just mean, especially towards Dianna/Quinn.
But you know, if they’re happy, good for them I guess. But it’s like when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie started dating, a wtf face/look. And you’re like “God Jennifer Aniston was so much better”. Maybe there’s no Jennifer Aniston with Monchele but I don’t know… I let them live their life, if they’re happy, good for them, but I honestly don’t care for them. 

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We're also called diannasaurs! :)

Oh yes true. There are too many names for us x)

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What are Dianna Agron's fans called?

Agronators, Agronizers, Diannaholics… maybe there are some more. I remember an anon sending me a cute one, in reference to the mythology but unfortunately I don’t remember this name :(

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Dianna is not really a jew , maybe she was but not anymore. I mean look her life, is not really " religious " just like a lot of people who say : I'm muslim or I'm christian... but they drink a lot alcohool, smoking, fuck ( even if they're not married) or loves gay people and whatever else. I'm just saying and not judging

I’ve never said she was a proud Jew doing all the Jewish stuff. Only Dianna knows this. She said she was Jewish, I believe her. That’s all. Nowadays the religion aspect isn’t the same as it used to be. Like you said, people say they have a religion but do a lot of stuff in contradiction with this religion. Does this mean they can’t say they have/do a religion? I don’t think so. It just means they aren’t that into religious stuff. But her religion is Jewish and if she says so, then she is. Who cares if she respect the Jewish religion stuff? Like you say, we’re not judging. But if you say so, if you don’t judge, then accept the fact that she said she’s a Jew and don’t say “She’s not really a Jew”. She is one. What she believes in, what she does is her business only.

ps : I apologize for my lack of vocabulary about religion. I’m a atheist and I’ve never really learned anything about religions. France is the country with the biggest number of atheists in the world and I guess I just follow this rule. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my lack of knowledge about all of this. I might be a atheist, it doesn’t mean I don’t respect people’s religion and choices, because believe me I do.

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where does she say shes a jew? source?

She has said it numerous times. Tweeted about it. Was chosen as “JILF” (Jewish I’d like to Fuck) in… 2012 I think? But here’s one video when she mentions it. (0:34)

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is Dianna a jew?


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waleskadoof(.)tumblr(.)com/post/37350160895/sao-as-mesmas-pessoas-nessa-foto-pelo-menos-uma I'm guessing they met at Giffoni!

Maybe, who knows. The articles said they only knew each other for a week when we first got the candids but since Dianna was back in the USA only a week ago it seemed weird…

She was reported with Henry Joost in June and went in Europe in early July and apart from a little week in September, she only left Europe at the end of October. Then was seen with Christian Cooke.

So whoever she was/is dating, I can’t really imagine this being all serious with those 3 months in Europe in the middle. I wish her love and happiness, so now that she’s back, I hope she’ll find someone good for her and will be able to create a true relationship, with whoever it might be, as long as she is happy.

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I miss Beth! like a lot...But I don't remember a few things: is she still in Lima (I don't remember if Shelby left mcKinley or not)? and also Puck has the permission to see her while Quinn don't, right?thanks

I miss her too.

Shelby was never fired at the end because Quinn never told Figgins about her affair with Puck. So technically she should be in Lima. But you could eventually think that she went back to NYC because of everything that happened.

And yes in the first episodes, Puck was only allowed to see Beth but then Shelby let Quinn see her once (3x04) but then Quinn went completely crazy and Puck told Shelby, so Shelby forbade Quinn to see her again (3x06 when Quinn brings the gift to Beth) and then it’s ep 3x08 with Quinn wanting to fire Shelby but not doing it because Rachel helps her to stop being crazy. lol

That was it. But what Santana says in this week episode : “Does he get so turned on by teenage moms who barely visit their kid” (something like that) makes me think that maybe Quinn saw Beth again during the summer, maybe only once. So it could mean that Shelby allowed her to see Beth again? As long as Quinn is being reasonable about that.
And if Quinn has indeed seen Beth during the summer, I’d say they stayed in Lima because if Shelby was back in NYC, it would mean that Quinn went to NYC and she said she didn’t go. I don’t think she would go and not visit Rachel so… But it’s weird for Shelby to stay in Lima since she was living in NYC and the only reason she came in Lima was Quinn (well Puck too but really, Shelby mentions Quinn when she comes back so…). And now neither Quinn or Puck (or even Rachel) are in Lima anymore so Shelby has no reason to stay there. What can I say, it’s Glee. If someone can get an answer from Ryan without being insulted or blocked : champagne on the house.

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Do you think there will be bloopers and BTS videos of Malavita?

I hope so. BTS : yes, there’s always BTS on movie, I just hope Dianna will be in it. Bloopers it depends, I really hope there will be some.

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