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"Do you love Monchele / Finchel (if not why?) ?" by Anonymous

Finchel : No. Why ? Here & Here

As for Monchele they’re real so it’s not like you can say you love or don’t love them. I honestly don’t care about them. They do their life and I do mine. 

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"What are Dianna Agron's fans called?" by Anonymous

Agronators, Agronizers, Diannaholics… maybe there are some more. I remember an anon sending me a cute one, in reference to the mythology but unfortunately I don’t remember this name :(

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"where does she say shes a jew? source?" by Anonymous

She has said it numerous times. Tweeted about it. Was chosen as “JILF” (Jewish I’d like to Fuck) in… 2012 I think? But here’s one video when she mentions it. (0:34)

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"is Dianna a jew?" by Anonymous


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"What do we know about Dianna's dad? She said once he has multiple sclerosis right?" by Anonymous

Yes she said that. I’ve already answer that question so I guess I should add a FAQ page on tumblr…

She said this and said it has caused the separation of her parents. We don’t don’t much except that she said she had to take care of her father and her little brother for a while and that it made her grow up faster. Jason once said he missed living with his dad and his sister.
For a while people thought that Dianna and him weren’t on speaking therms anymore, some even said that he might have passed away, but then in a video interview she talked about him saying she had him on the phone earlier and this year, for father’s day she tweeted about him.
So at the end it’s pretty blurred. We don’t really know if they stop talking for a while and then start again or if they’ve always kept in touch. But Dianna’s mentions of her father are pretty recent. I don’t think she ever talked about him in 2009/2010, she used to only talk about her mom and Jason.

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"What happened between Dianna and Alex? I never really knew..." by Anonymous

They met when they shot #4. They apparently started dating right away. A lot of rumors : Moving in together, engagement…
In early February there’s a fire in Alex’s house and of course the press says “Alex and Diann’s house” but then when Dianna is asked about it, she says it’s not her house. They break up a few days later (well, the press announce it a few days later, they might broke up before). And well the reason of the break up wasn’t very clear, a lot of rumors.
- Dianna being pregnant and having an abortion behind Alex’s back so he got pretty mad and crazy.
- Dianna cheating on Alex with Sebastian Stan.
- Dianna being a crazy jealous girl that Alex didn’t like. (When Dianna says she hates jealousy in relationship…)

The “real” reason, is probably this one : Alex was apparently very very jealous and possessive. Dianna being close to her friends, boys and girls, her cast he didn’t like it. He “made her” see them less at the beginning of season 2 shooting. Dianna got fed up with this and decided to break up with him but he got pretty mad, yelling at her. He thought she was cheating on him with Sebastian and apparently went to find Sebastian in a bar to start a fight or something like that. And he became pretty crazy, calling her all day long, going to her house. She had to checked up in a hotel for a while under a fake name (This fact was confirmed, we had candids of her going in a hotel at the end of the day in LA while she has a nice house to go to so weird) and he just kept harassing her for a while. I don’t know how it ends. All we know is that Dianna was seen several times with Lea Michele at this time and the titles of the articles were all about “Lea Michele comforting her best friend after a bad breakup”, this is when Dianna said that Lea was making her dinner tweeting a pic of Lea and all of this stuff. That was the “post break up” thing.

Since that day we’ve never heard about them anymore. Last time I heard about Alex he was engaged to another girl. And Dianna said in Cosmopolitan about him “How are you sure we were together? Nothing was ever confirmed” or something like that.

That’s pretty much the story. Someone corrects me if I forgot something ^^

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"who do you ship Quinn with?" by Anonymous

I’ll answer for me first and will make a quick summary for my friends.

I like (liked…) every couple with Quinn. I even appreciated Quinn/Joe at one point. I find pros and cons for each of her relationship so I can’t really pick one as my favorite. I guess the ones with the less flaws would be Faberry and Fabrevans, for me. And of course I like Quinndependance. I don’t think it would be right for Quinn to end up with any of her past boyfriends. She should find a nice and smart guy at Yale.  

#2 : She likes Quick, Faberry, Fabrevans. She’s also an Quinndependance girl. And she likes Quinntana but only for sex. Not for a real relationship with feelings.

#3 : Faberry. But she’s more of a Rachel girl so she likes a lot of couples with Rachel (Puckleberry, StBerry and others) and Faberry is one of them. She doesn’t think with Quinn but with Rachel.

#5 : She ships Finchel first and foremost. But her choice for Quinn would be Quick. 

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"Do any of you guys ship Fuinn?" by Anonymous

2 of us used to. We don’t anymore because we’re all disappointed in Finn, but we were huge Fuinn fans in S1 and we liked them too in S2. We hated the way it ended, thinking they should have done something else but… that’s Glee. We still find them super cute (Thank you Mongron chemistry) and well considering S1 & S2 yes, we ship them. But we wouldn’t like Quinn and Finn to be together again anymore now. :)

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"thoughts about finchel?" by Anonymous

Find them boring. It’s a cliché of everything I wouldn’t want for a relationship. This is far away from being a healthy one. They just keep hurting each other and make us see only the bad things about them. They both need to let it go for good and find someone else, someone that is compatible with them.
I think it will be good for Rachel to find someone that wasn’t in high school and shares her passion, is ready to accept her ambition.
And Finn well, I think he needs to stay single for a while so he can forget about Rachel, then find a nice girl who won’t have Rachel’s ambition and who will be willing to have a simple life with him in Lima.
Finn isn’t a NYC boy. Rachel is a NYC girl. Just with that, it’s never gonna work out, whatever Glee and Glee writers want us to believe. 

I also don’t like how Glee is reducing Rachel Berry to Rachel Hudson, ready to go back to Lima and gives up on her Broadway dreams. The Rachel Berry from season 1 would be rolling over in her grave if she’d hear that, because let’s be honest, Rachel Berry barely exist anymore, it’s now some sort of mix between Rachel Hudson and Lea Michele…. which is very sad… 

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