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First, I just want to say that I am a member of the Agron News team, but I’m not the main owner of this Twitter or Tumblr.
I just post the news sometimes and barely answer the mentions, it’s my dear friend who does the job!
Unfortunately, she didn’t have the chance to meet Dianna yet, and if there is one person who deserves it, it’s her.
So yesterday, with a friend, we had a chance to meet Dianna and I must say that it is truly one one the best encounter of my life.
By respect for Dianna and her privacy I won’t give the details of how we got to meet her, let’s just say that it was quite a private moment, that lasted a few minutes.
I must also thank my friend, because without her, I think I would never have dared to go speak with Dianna.
So when my friend went to ask Dianna if she could take a picture with us, she smiled, and said “of course”, she got up and went to the place where I was seated.
She said “Bonjour” in French and shook my hand. She was smiling and looked a little bit shy, like she didn’t want to disturb us.
Then we talked about ‘You, Me and Charlie’, I told her that I had loved her article about the “Macarons La Durée” and she laughed and said that she loves them and bought some a few days ago.
We then talked about “Malavita”, she said that she was beginning to shoot in 4 days, mostly in Normandy and a little bit in Paris. She looked really excited about it.
She didn’t even mind the rainy weather in Normandy. She really wants to make some progresses in French.
Then I asked her about her trip in Italy, she said she loved it, that it was amazing. I told her that my parents are Italian, and my friend made a fool of me by telling her that I didn’t speak a single Italian word!
Dianna laughed and said that she only speaks a few words like “Ciao” or “A Domani”. It’s so adorable when she speaks foreign languages!
Then we took the photos, she didn’t seem to be in a hurry, and was smiling all the time. She took several pictures with both of us.
Then we thanked her and said goodbye.
My impressions on this encounter, Dianna is REALLY beautiful, she barely had any make-up on her but was stunning, a little bit tanned, her eyes are mesmerizing. She is even more beautiful than on TV or on the pictures, and she also looks very young and really thin, I’m finally not surprised that she can play the part of Belle. She smiles and laugh all the time, she is very natural and when you are with her you don’t have the impression to be with a celebrity or a star, she’s so humble and simple.
I already knew that Dianna was adorable with her fans, but I didn’t imagine that she really was so perfect and sincere.
And yes, I almost forgot, she smells very good!
Thank you Dianna for being who you are, we really wish you the best for your future pretty girl!

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